Fashion experiments: Federica Delli Cicchi, Marta Ascenzi, Lidija Stanojcic

Lidija Stanojcic
Because fashion is
inspiration, reflection and creation and not just imitation.
Because too many times we heard that in fashion everything has been invented and that everything is a bad copy of the past.
Because we believe that fashion is a way to express our identities.
Because not everyone is able to materialize his creativity by shaping some fabrics.
For all these reasons and many more we must support the young talented fashion designers.
We need a huge amount of them.
Porque la moda es inspiración, reflexión y creación y no sólo imitación. 
Porque demasiadas veces hemos oído que en la moda todo ha sido inventado y que todo es una copia mal hecha del pasado.
Porque creemos que también a través de la moda expresamos nuestras identidades.
Porque no todos somos capaces de materializar nuestra creatividad dando forma a los tejidos.
Por estos motivos y muchos más tenemos que apoyar a los jóvenes talentos de la moda.
Se necesitan muchos.
Perché la moda è ispirazione, riflessione e creazione e non solo imitazione.
Perché troppe volte abbiamo sentito che nella moda è già stato inventato tutto e che tutto è una brutta copia del passato.
Perché crediamo che anche attraverso la moda esprimiamo le nostre identità.
Perché non tutti sono capaci di materializzare la loro creatività dandole forma con i tessuti.
Per questi motivi e anche per molti altri dobbiamo sostenere i giovani talenti della moda.
Ce n'è un gran bisogno.

The Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone presented Fili d’identità sospesa (Threads of Suspended Identity), a multi-media project developed on concepts by Federica Delli Cicchi, Marta Ascenzi and Lidija Stanojcic, graduates of the Fashion Design Two-Year Specialization Course. This project consists of three reflections on the theme of identity, each one starting off from a different way of feeling and living contemporary reality, tied to its fluctuating borderlines and in constant transformation. Video, dance and music on the catwalk underline three moments, conjuring up the rhythm of distant hand-looms, memories of distant times and identities rooted in places. The garments presented on the catwalk are interpreted with minimal choreographies performed by the pupils of the National Dance Academy, highlighting the characteristics of each individual project, as they are simulate the path of thread among spools with their movements. 

Federica Delli Cicchi_ F/M 
The garments take origin from the analysis of an orthopedic corset: rigidity, control, suffering, modification, physical un-ease. The starting point is a comparison of gender identities, to end up with new dimensions for the men’s garment. Synthetic, shiny, plastic coated materials, for an innovative, yet controlled outfit. 

These nine outfits use camouflage not as mere graphic expression, nor as mere ornament to exhibit, but rather as strategy to show the body as object of metamorphosis through the practice of plastic surgery. The clothes symbolize the different phases of progressive surgeries to the final garment on a perfect body.

Lidija Stanojcic_THE WAR 
These clothes are like pages from the diary of a young Serbian student’s with painful life experiences. From military uniforms, from body and soul mutilations caused by the war, she builds garments dedicated to women, modern “warrior” women, without distinction of race, color or religion. Her garments are based on a research that involves all possible materials: plastic, sponge, polystyrene, rubber, technical textiles, to create volume, three-dimensional shapes, and evoke lacerations in the identities that must necessarily mutate beneath the explosions of the conflicts.

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